Praxis Public Relations Limited
About us
PRaxis Public Relations Ltd is a veteran of New Zealand marketing communications and PR. Established in 1989, it is arguably one of the most trusted boutique communications consultancies in New Zealand.

PRaxis has a ton of experience and creativity in advising clients about communications, whether those communications are internal or external - in print, in person, verbal, visual, audio, video, for broadcast or online.

Our professionals and contractors are talented writers - able to distil the benefits of our clients' products, services or views into great, easy to read copy. We have years of experience in news media.

PRaxis Public Relations has an astute understanding of the economy and business. Your business goals are the main focus of our communications consulting.

We're savvy about the ebb and flow of trends, and how your business can surf them.

PRaxis interacts as effectively and comfortably with the Board, as with a member of your marketing or HR department. We are strategic - and detail focused, a combination we believe is vital for superb communications management.

Above all, we love our work and know our stuff. Our name says it all - practical. Sensible, direct, no-nonsense, cost effective communications and marketing advice - public relations consultancy as you need it.
"It should be possible to explain the laws of physics to a barmaid."

Albert Einstein