Praxis Public Relations Limited
PRaxis Public Relations is a full service public relations consultancy. Our job is to sing your praises - and to encourage others to do so too.

Your organisation's reputation, profitability and even its continuation depend upon the support of stakeholders. We help develop support to grow and sustain your business.

At PRaxis Public Relations, we help make your words, marketing and communications actions achieve real business goals.

Corporate PR

Printed and Written Material
  • pamphlets, brochures written, design and print managed
  • annual reports, profiles, posters, leaflets, in store promotional material written, design and print managed
  • pitches and proposals for new business
Publicity and media relations
  • media relations
  • media releases written, distributed, placed
  • media, press kits created
  • editorial and copywriting
  • media rooms and facilities
  • media policy creation
  • measurement of PR programmes
Media training
  • scenario based media training
Speeches and presentations
  • speechwriting
  • rehearsal for professional delivery
  • presentation training
Financial PR
  • investor relations
  • communications strategies
  • annual reports
  • roadshows
  • AGMs
  • Merger and acquisitions PR
Corporate Public Affairs and Government Relations
  • advocacy
  • lobbying
  • local and central government relations
  • brands defined and developed
  • brand 'stories' researched, created
  • brand audits undertaken
  • re-positioning
  • brand management
  • brand protection and promotion
Event Management
  • planning and execution
  • health and safety awareness
  • speaker and entertainment engagement
  • experienced at staging events
  • promotion
  • grand openings
  • media office registration, set up and running
Seminars, Conferences, Exhibitions, Tradeshows, Roadshows
  • creative input
  • project management
Social Media and web
  • Blogs
  • websites
  • website design briefs written, tendered, costed
  • email newsletters developed, written
  • social media and web monitoring
  • video streamed
  • podcasts
  • briefs written for independent research; tendered
  • qualitative research designed and implemented
  • online research undertaken
  • online questionnaire content developed
  • market intelligence undertaken
  • focus groups
DVD and Photography
  • video, DVD and streamed video production
  • digital and film photography
  • audits
  • analysis
  • recommendations and structuring
  • and execution

Issues and Crisis PR

Issues and Risk Management
  • issue and risk identification, prioritisation
  • issue management (as it unfolds)
Crisis and issues management
  • development of crisis communications plans and strategies
  • crisis scenario training
  • Litigation Support
  • communications programmes prepared alongside your solicitor
Environmental communications
  • issues management
  • environmental communications strategies
  • sustainability and environmental message development

Consumer PR

Customer Relations
  • customer communications plans written, executed
  • complaints policies written
  • complaints management systems created
Advertising, Branding
  • copywriting
  • strategies
  • marketing communications strategies and implementation
  • guerilla Marketing
Products and retail
  • product launches
  • product promotions
  • product sampling programmes
  • in-store product demonstration arranged
  • experiential marketing
  • competitions in print, radio, tv and on packs
  • promotions
  • product placement on TV, films
  • open days

Workplace PR

Internal-HR Communications
  • internal communications audits undertaken
  • internal communications programmes developed and executed
  • internal launches
  • newsletters written and produced for staff
  • intranets structured and written; briefs for design of intranets written, tendered, costed
  • culture and motivational communications programmes written, implemented
  • staff manuals and policy manuals written
  • training manuals written
  • technical manuals written
  • health and safety manuals written (in conjunction with HR or health and safety)
  • change management programmes developed, implemented

Community PR

Stakeholder communications
  • stakeholder identification, and database initiation and management
  • communications strategies for stakeholder segments
  • community relations programmes
Community and Stakeholder Engagement plans
  • resource management communications plans and strategies (under RMA and LGA)
  • stakeholder consultation
  • stakeholder identification and database initiation and management
  • open days
Maori PR
  • assistance on Maori communications and perspectives

PR and Marketing Recruitment Support

  • assistance with finding 'the right people' for your organisation
  • prospect interviews
  • definition of roles and responsibilities
  • organisation of your department area
  • organisational pr development and training
  • coaching

Government PR

  • statements of intent
  • annual reports
  • communications leading up to establishment under Act of Parliament
  • reports to committee
"Waiho maa te tangata hei mihi - Let someone else acknowledge your virtues."

Maori proverb