Praxis Public Relations Limited
"In a very large, important and politically controversial project I was managing, Catherine Peters of PRaxis kept the numerous project parties (each with separate agendas) communicating and through her sound advice to me we reduced the project controversy and avoided unhelpful publicity for over two years."
- Grant Kirby, former Commissioner for Local Government, director of AMETI project
"Please place on record, therefore, my sincere appreciation for your efforts... I will always remain grateful for your assistance, and highly respectful of your skills."
- Stephen Rainbow, Auckland City Council
"When I was Chairman of KPMG Auckland. we used PRaxis exclusively for our PR consulting. Why? Because they were simply the best. They knew us, they challenged us and importantly they understood the dynamics of the markets we operated in and what worked and what didn't work for us."
- Keith Rushbrook, former chairman KPMG (Auckland)
"PRaxis is a group of very savvy, tough, intelligent PR pros who could, and can, compete with the 'best of the best' anytime, anywhere in the world."
- Dick Starmann, McDonald's, Oakbrook, USA.
"PRaxis is a savvy, pint sized PR company that packs a marketing punch. They research well, understand business quickly, and write fast. They're smart copywriters who are right on the mark."
- Jonathan Flaws, Partner and Founder of Sanderson Weir
"PRaxis has helped us write website, brochure and newsletter copy and to generate publicity. They're quick and practical, and provide extra ideas and support all the time."
- Diane Burkhardt (fashion designer) and Graeme Duffy (business partner) The Cupboard, Parnell.